Someone's Future by Little little we are changing

We strive to give people around the
world the possibility to have a better life through
food service, education, public health, and arts.
Thank you for making this possible!

Our mission is to give back to
those that need it the most


Toy Donation Huasa Hinguerani 2022

New Music Room

No Smile is Left Unnoticed | 2020 Donations

First Donation

Our Donations

San Pedro School

Centro Sigamos

El Abra Prison

Lebanon NCL

Casa de los Niños

Comunidad Terapeutica Puntiti

Toy Donation

Toy Donation Huasa Hinguerani 2022

Hogar Salomon Klein

Hogar de niños Zapatito



That is great! Please contact us at:
(855) OA-FOODS or
8950 SW 74th Court, Suite 1714, Miami, FL 33156
We look forward to hearing from you!