Know what is Chia?

Chia Seeds consumed ground or whole have been a staple food for the Aztec civilization thanks to their many benefits. Discover amazing facts about this plant and explore its uses.

Simply add one or more tablespoons of Chia to your favorite food!

Try it on oatmeal, smoothies, yogurt, juices or even salads.
No only will Chia boost the nutritional value of your meal, but its unique texture and flavor will delight you taste buds.

It’s all About Omega-3

Chia pack’s Omega-3’s which are considered essential fatty acids.

Get more Protein & Fiber

Chia has a high content of protein and nearly 10g of dietary fiber per serving, to make you feel fuller all day long.

The All in One!

Chia also contains Calcium, Magnesium & Iron; Essential minerals for a healthy lifestyle.


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